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 Dann Hart graduated from Oakland University with a double degree in Finance and MIS in June of 1986. Soon after he realized that he had to work for himself. In 1987 Dann Hart and his wife while on their 10 year anniversary in Hawaii met a couple from the Boston area who were pavement stripers. Dann believed that if the Boston couple could do well at striping then maybe he would give it a go. The day he got back from Hawaii he looked in the newspapers for striping equipment. He found that a weekend pavement striper and power sweeper wanted out of the business and was selling his equipment. It must have been karma, Dann immediately purchased what equipment the striper had. Dann didn't know anything about actually striping parking lots and the weekend striper didn't know much more about the business. He was on his own to learn,

 He started a company named Hart Paving and Striping. Being outside the industry in experience he quickly learned that he had to specialize in one area. He chose only to stripe parking lots and install traffic signs. It was fairly inexpensive to start the company but it took long hours to get the work needed to survive. Working with family members and then slowly hiring experienced workers as needed, Dann methodically built up the company to what it is today. Dann quit his day job in early 1990.

 Customers realized right away that Dann Hart was all about great service at a fair price. Hart Pavement Striping became a Michigan corporation in 1988. Dann's goal was to service the asphalt pavers better than any company did before. Many customers believe that to be the case even today.

 In 2000 Dann had an awful year personally. His sister died, he and his wife split after 23 years of marriage and his dad died. Dann decided to bury himself in his work and doubled sales in 2001. In that year Hart Pavement Striping received the contract to layout and stripe the McNamara Terminal (the largest parking deck in Michigan) and the NWA employee lot.

 Hart Pavement Striping Corporation will continue to be a force in the parking lot maintenance industry for many years to come.










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